Olamide Iyanda

Founder of Urban Disciple, Blog


Hello, my name is Olamide, but people call me Lamz (besides Urban Disciple lol). Currently, I am based in the DMV. I surrendered my life to God on February 10, 2012. Ever since then, I’ve been on a wild pursuit of Him of reckless abandonment.

I owned several blogs at one point in time, but I decided to create one that glorified God, while using my gift of blogging, administration and graphic design. On February 13, 2013, I created Urban Disciple, the blog. However, it wasn’t until I wrote Modern Day Judas, that the blog really came to life. I write the things God places on my heart concerning this younger generation. I honestly don’t know it all, but as I continue to walk, He is cultivating and pruning me. I pray these words I write aren’t empty rhetoric, but really edifies and uplifts you.


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