Honor Yourself

I like to think I am the queen of honoring others. I will come to your birthday party, your ministry launch party and your family's event. I will even offer my administrative skills and help you plan and execute your vision. Maybe acts of service is my way of showing love. Shoot, or I could just be a busybody.

Two weeks ago, I was looking at my schedule and I was realized that even though we're barely in the middle of March, the next four weeks of my life were pretty much booked solid with festivities.  

Y'all I think I was on the verge of just screaming. I just wanna stay home and just Netflix and chill. I wanted to be buried under my covers and yell at my screen as these characters make dumb decisions. But most importantly, I just wanted to create. I wanna design and write. I wanted to build up my blog.

That's when I realized I wasn't honoring myself. I wasn't protecting my space and time. Yeah, it's amazing to honor others. But remember to honor yourself and your passion(s). Don't let that suffer at the expense of others. We must also set aside time to cultivate the gifts God gave us. 

I looked at my calendar today and I realized I have three days in my planner with no functions taking place (and it will remain that way) and I don't have work that Monday [a random DC holiday that I am not complaining about].


There is a God and He is like "chill out, mama.

So hopefully, I can do better in April than March.