Humble Beginnings

I think I am getting better at multitasking because I was getting ready for work Monday morning, I was able to beat myself up about not doing much with my blog. All these ideas. All these planning. But no execution. I haven’t done much to perfect my craft. That's when the Holy Spirit chimed in. 

He made it clear that yes, more could be done, but at the same time, Urban Disciple, the blog (and the person, Moi)  came a long way from what it used to be.

In 2013, UD was on the platform Wordpress. Dotcomnot .org ←--- not even my own domain

Before 2014 ended, I was able to form a team of individuals who were willing to use their craft towards the blog
Early 2015, with the help of amazing friends, UD moved to its own domain.

Halle -lu- jah!

I didn't know much about branding, but the name and the articles seem to resonate with people without us trying to make a name for ourselves. 

However, I still made graphics like this:


Come 2016, I must have stumbled across Exodus 31 because I became creative with the blog and what direction we were going in. Even the way I make graphics took a 180.

BOY, BYE!.png

And here we are in 2018, and I have so much UD products to announce to you guys! 

But enough about me. 

What are you gifted with?
Do you remember when you first started how you were an amateur?
Now, where are you in the process?
Are you planting and watering?
How much have you allowed God to give increase? 

Once you starting answering those questions, embrace the fact that God has more to come for you!