It's A New Beginning

By the time you’re probably reading this, it’s likely well into the school year; you done wore all your crack outfits; you done met some poppin’ people and some not so poppin’ people; and you’ve also probably taken majors dubs in classes and started to fear some Ls.  All is well man. Hope is still for you! You’re still going to do great, (insert your name here)!


The start of a new school year is always very exciting for me. I don’t know what it is, I mean I’ve literally had a first day of school almost 20 years of my life (dang, that’s a lot of time in school), and this is the start of my fifth year of college—so, why am I still so excited?

I don’t know man. I really don’t know. I’m not too big on learning in a classroom environment, so I’m not necessarily eager to meet new teachers. What I am excited for might just be the ‘mystery of the new.’ It just smells like fresh air. Like, “oooooh it’s the first of the month...bone thugz lookin’ boy” type of stuff. I think it’s really the newness of life, the newness of hope, and the newness of adventure. People show up the first few days of the semester as fly as possible, well that is most freshmen who haven’t caught the revelation of the ‘sweatpants lifestyle.’ People like me, learn new words, delve in new slogans, and just come back juiced, refreshed and ready to run as hard as possible...that is until we hit that first bump.

That first bump, for me, has come anywhere from the first day, first quiz, first assignment, first test, or even simple class introductions. These were various variables that I’d have to face at another junction in the semester to conquer and advance, but at first sight, threw me all the way off. But one aspect that I’ve been able to constantly renew my mind with is:

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, He is a new creation; old things have passed away, and look, all things are new!”

(2 Cor 5:17)

Literally, in those times that my mind and heart can flutter over this verse, I literally acknowledge this newness, believe it, and live it. A brother recently told me, “you make Christianity look so easy.” I almost slapped him for such a crazy statement. But in the moment I realized that I’m able to do this one thing really abnormally well: shut up, shut down and believe. Without delving too deep into it, I’ll just say, I go through quite a lot, and have my hand in so many different places, but through all that, when the pressure rises, I’m able to settle within myself, quiet my internal storm, and believe. And I honestly believe that’s the word for my life, for every moment—when the going gets tough, shut up, shut down and believe! It’s my translation of Psalm 46:10 and I believe it’s a word for someone reading.

Shut Up. Stop talking. Stop complaining to God, to people, to whatever. “You rapping, dawg.”

Shut Down. Take a second to pause and breathe, very big and deep breathes. Might require more than a second, I usually go days (I have an issue).

And Believe. Simply that: BELIEVE. Believe the words He’s spoken to you. Believe the prophecy you were given about your triumph. Believe in every single thing the Bible says about you (the good stuff more than the bad). And believe that “all things are new.”