In recent times there’s been a lot of commotion around winning the billion-dollar lottery. I found it quite funny that folks were already making plans on how they would spend the money. The money that they don’t have….  But alas in the midst of this noise, I asked my Father if He would allow me to win this lottery. Thoughts and petitions fluttered my heart as I attempted to serenade Him with promises of:

  • Advancing His Kingdom

  • Giving to the poor

  • Quitting my job and diving into full-time ministry

  • Missions to the indigenous parts of the world

  • Fill in the blank with any Christian selfless action of generosity

Probably tired of my foolery, my Father asked a question that cut deep to the very core of my being.

In my relationship with Him, I’ve learned that with these type of questions, He’s really not looking for an immediate response. I like to call these “Selah moments.”

“You possess only what you have the ability to manage” - Bill Johnson

This principle can be applied to any area you feel as though you are “lacking.” Can I manage $100,000 right now? A million dollars? A billion? Can my character steward a ministry with regional influence? National influence? Global influence?  If I were to get into a serious dating relationship, have I acquired the necessary skills to manage my inner life, my emotions, and my heart?

Instead of focusing on how we lack in certain areas, we need to turn to Him and prepare for abundance that’s on the horizon. Every time I complain or desire that I want more of x,y, or z, I always ask myself: Have I been faithful with that which I’ve been given? This is very crucial for every man. Through my study of scripture, as well as my own personal history with God, I’ve come to terms with the revelation that increase is always coupled with faithfulness.  Favor and faithfulness are best friends.

Unfortunately, because of the rise of comparison through social media and celebrity hype, men are left with unrealistic standards of success, further perpetuating insecurities and stagnancy. Consequently, men are dis-empowered to be faithful stewards of the little because they are so focused on how much others have.

It’s natural to despise your tiny seeds, when your eyes are consumed with the abundant harvest of others.

Side-bar: The funny thing that I’ve come to realize is that the abundant harvest of others started from the tiny seeds you and I possess.  

Men are visual beings. This is both a blessing and can be a curse. Focus and vision are the fuel to an unstoppable man. Likewise the enemy can and will use God-given eyes to send God’s men down a destructive path. Eyes filled with comparison will result to a heart full of jealousy. Jesus is whom our eyes as men should be set on. He is our standard. He is our measuring stick, not others. A vision that isn't fixed on Jesus, results to a life entrapped by comparison. The sad fact is that comparison is the murderer of joy. Eyes that are fixed on Him who is faithful, enables us to be faithful. We literally become, who we behold!

As of lately I have been recently reading the account of the man of God Daniel and there are several words Holy Spirit has been echoing in my heart.

If you read the life of Daniel, you will come to realize that this man obtained influence through consistently being the man who possessed the word of the Lord. Even when His life and the life of others were on the line, He produced. Finessed if you will. Even when He was threatened and thrown into the lion’s den, Daniel was faithful. Now you may ask, “How was this man able to be relentless in His devotion to God, even when they threaten to kill him for it?” “How was He able to consistently be the man who possessed the word of the Lord?” “How did Daniel rise to power and obtain the promotion to influence kings and nations?” A clue lies below...

Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went home. And in his upper room, with his windows open toward Jerusalem, he knelt down on his knees three times that day, and prayed and gave thanks before his God, as was his custom since his early days(youth).

Daniel 6:10

In the midst of conflict, Daniel had already been prepared to find His peace in the faithfulness of God. Daniel did not live out of reaction, but lived in response to the Father.

He did not fearfully run to the presence of God because of conflict. Rather he confidently rested in the presence because of consistency.

A man who is faithful in the secret place, will experience the God who is faithful to openly reward in the public. It is the faithful man behind the scenes that has the capacity to demonstrate the Faithful God before the world.

What is the number one fear wives possess? What is the top leadership characteristic that the world values? What does the world need in order to experience a sustainable revival on a global scale? Four words.

Here lies the solution to many of the world problems, faithfulness.

As Jesus would say, “it is He who is faithful with the little that can be trusted with the great. He who is dishonest with the little, will only be more dishonest with greater responsibilities and riches.”

The question that Heaven is asking you men is, “Can you be trusted?”