To You Graduates

“Finishing is better than starting. Patience is better than pride.” (Ecclesiastes 7:8)

That’s the word for this piece. And 2018 Graduates, that’s a word for you too. You guys did it. You got through what might’ve been three and a half years or even what might’ve been a decade of school. You guys are amazing and are more than absolutely deserving of all the praise and the money you’ve gotten or will soon secure. You did that! I salute you. I applaud you. And I love you.

Let me reintroduce myself (as it’s been awhile): My name is Jum and I love sushi. Yeah that’s about all you need to know about me. This one’s not about me but rather you <insert Graduate’s name>. The aforementioned verse is what has just become your reality. You started your Undergrad, Masters, or even High School career with hopes and fears, excitement and anxiety, the preparedness for the known and unknown. You started. You fought. You excelled. You failed. You fought. And beloved, you have ended. Congratulations.

The second part of that verse is for you too. Now that you’re done with this part of your life, the next one requires the utmost patience and the utmost humility. Dare I ask ‘now that you’re done with your degree or diploma, what’s next?” Heh...I won’t do that to you. Coincidentally, One of my brothers gave a beautiful commencement speech on how to assess that daunting question--I just want to encourage you to uphold patience.

Whether you know what’s next, or are like me and still trying to figure that out, or whether you’re just running from what’s next so you can rest a little longer--you have a need for patience and not relying on your laurels (repent if you see “yannys”). Yes, you’ve done a beautiful and magnificent thing in finishing this race. Yes, you might’ve added additional letters to your name. But, that can’t and shall not define you. You’re worth way more than your degree.  You’re worth way more than any of the accomplishments that you feel like you have to tackle next. And it’s important you understand this as you wait for or begin that next phase. It’s important that you trust that God’s got you through it all. Believe it!

So class of 2018...

Be Patient. Trust God. Eat Well! (Invite UD to your cookouts!)

P.S. The real reason for me writing this post, was actually to give shout outs to a couple of my favorite people who walked the stage this year. So find yourself and know that I love you, I admire you, and I salute you. Congrats!