Alumni Status: Advice for the Class of 2018


Although there are many books about Adulthood and post-graduate life, who can give you better advice then people still in it?

These are our advice to the class of 2018

Write the vision down. Pray and be intentional and persistent about the fulfilling the vision. Perseverance is KEY! Above all trust in the Lord!
- Priscilla M.

 Always have faith in the Lord.  He has brought you this far! He’s not going to leave you hanging now that you have a degree.  2 Timothy 2:13 “If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself.”
- Tobi R.

Rest. Sometimes we get so consumed in what’s the next step that we forget what’s best for us right now, and that’s to set some time aside to just chill. Do some things you weren’t able to do while you were in school, and have fun!!
- Maria A. 

Learn to manage your finances! Life gets real once the refund checks are there to support you. Be fiscally responsible with coins (tithe always!) and save. It’s a skill that will take you far!
- Moyo A

Time management! Even though you've graduated, you can VERY easily find yourself not doing anything productive. It's a wonderful thing to rest, but never lose sight of your goals because of the new found freedom. Maintain your health & wellness. Goes for physical, mental, spiritual. You've just graduated, which means school was stress for however long you had to endure. So take care of yourself. What we feed our bodies in this current age, determines the health status of our future selves. So take the time to take care of yourself in all areas. BONUS TIP! Set a goal to see the world! Save a few dollars with every paycheck, refund, graduation money gifts, or whatever. And go where you can afford, that's within reason of course. Gives a general appreciation and greater outlook on life. 
- Abisola A.

Be prepared to recognize what you thought was your “calling” was actually imposed on you by loving adults. Ask God for wisdom and he’ll direct your true path. 
- Sofia T.

Trust God during the process...Don’t let people pressure you into making moves that God is not calling for...and if you don’t have direction seek the’s okay not to know but He knows
- Jessica O.

Always continue pursuing your purpose. Most times our purpose lies in what we are naturally great. 
- Mayowa A

Whether you’re taking the summer off to relax, immediately starting your career, or still figuring out what’s next, remember to focus on what and who matters. There will be many competing priorities during this time. From the many IG posts of your peers doing something amazing to the fear of going into the real world. What kept me encouraged is knowing that I achieved milestone (because college was no joke), and whatever I do next is a part of my unique story. I spent time with my loved ones, traveled a bit, and embraced “adulting” Because that’s what mattered to me.
- Taiwo A

After graduating, read! Go over what You learned. Go through your notes. Go through your books. Read what you learned because a lot of the time we may be grasping what we need to get the paper done or take the exam. But it may not necessarily stick. So I think it is good over what you learned, especially if you are going to use it in the work industry.
-Ruth N.

  It's not about the destination, but the journey and who you become along the way. It's not about where you're going, but Who is going with you. 
- Feyi B.

My advice to grads would be to realize that your degree is only a stepping stone to what God has for you in the bigger picture. And the first job you get is also just a piece of the puzzle. Even if you get your dream job straight out of college, know that that job is meant to develop you, press and prune you in one area of your character that you would never learn in your college experience. Your purpose and the people tied to your purpose need the post-grad struggles not the undergrad highlights.
- Lordley O.