10 Things To Do In 2018

Let me just start off saying,

Happy New Year!

With that, let me help you with the whole "New year, New me" mentality you got going on.

Here are 10 things to do in 2018

1.  Start Saving

The word savings was foreign to me until my hairdresser sat me down and started to ask about my financial well-being. God, is that you? After that conversation, I left empowered to start taking care of my financial health. I cut back on impulsively eating out, with Chick-fil-A as the exception; that’s sowing into the Kingdom. I eventually saved 2K, which came in handy when I became unemployed later this past year. I possibly could have saved more if I had created a stricter budget plan.

The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down.
— Proverbs 21:20

2. Self-healing

You are probably wondering why this is even on the list. I mean, “we are saved and purified by the Lord.” But if your 2017 was anything like mine, you need to be healed and restored in many aspects of your life. You cannot carry 2017 baggage into the 2018 destination. It would help you to receive all God has spoken to you for 2018 if your heart and mind were renewed to be open to what He is doing.

3. Redo Your Room

This was on “17 things to embrace in 2017” blog post, and I have yet to redo my room. If anything,  all I did was add more clothes to my room. With that being said, let's move onto #4.

4. Declutter Your Closet

I didn’t go shopping that much because of tip #1, but that didn’t stop me from buying another black and white top, nor did it stop me from buying another pair of dark denim jeans. If I’m going to be buying more clothes, I think it is time I give away something that I will never wear again. Like my clothes from high school. I’m not saying I am going to be a minimalist (I just dress like one), but I can definitely minimize the amount of clothes, shoes, and accessories I have acquired.

5. Value Your Time

Imma say it for the folks in the back. “Value your time” Say it with me. “Value YOUR time.” Treat your time like it’s YOURS. Don’t use it anyhow. The culture of “busyness” has to end. It gives the illusion that you are doing something, but if one was to examine closely, you would see that nothing is being produced according to the excellence God calls us to walk in. This year, put your time to effective use.

  6. Invest In Your Friend’s Business & Ministry

Read your friend’s blog post
Comment on your friend’s YouTube
Buy from your friend’s clothing line
Promote your friend’s album
Attend your friend’s ministry launch event

 Whether it is your money, time, or just simple encouragement, support those you call your friends. It’s already hard to follow your dream because of fear of failure and uncertainties. It would be nice to have your friends cheering you on in your corner.

7. Do What You Love After Your 9-5

Not only will we invest in our friend's lives, we are also going to invest in ourselves. That’s right. We spend “40” hours a week adding to the vision of our CEO’s company but spend none on our passion. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying we are all called to be an entrepreneur, but we are called to follow our passion and hobbies. When you start investing in yourself, you will see your joy in other aspects of your life increase.

8. Find Free Things To Do In Your Area

Millennials will drop bread like it’s Exodus 16 for an experience, whereas our parents will only go out for their birthday and anniversary, just to say they did. While it's not wrong to take a road trip to see Social Club, it would be financially wise to go to the local church’s worship night. You can reverence the Lord in both, one just happens to be free.

9. Learn A New Dish.

My go-to dish is pasta. Like everyone. After a while, the pasta doesn’t appeal to your taste buds like it did before. It’s time to open Pinterest and learn a new dish. Combine this with #8. A couple of my friends were interested in knowing how to make jollof rice, so we linked up and I taught them how to make it. We added plantain and bbq chicken to the mix to make it a meal, as we watched Nigerian youtube shows.


 10. Share Urban Disciple with others

Urban Disciples is turning 6 years old. We came a long way from our first blog post, but we have many uncharted lands to cover. With your help, we can reach more people.

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