17 Things To Embrace In 2017

Here are some tips to make your new year a little bit different from 2016.



1. Try new spots
When we love something so much, we tend to develop a routine around it and refuse to switch it up. Ditch Starbucks and chipotle this year, and explore new places you’ve never eaten at. Your taste buds will thank you.
2. Embrace each moment as a "yes" from God
In every disappointment and heartbreak, God is still good and sovereign. He is the paving a path for you. So instead of reflecting on the negative, flip the script and see the good in every situation.  
3. Learn a new skill
Spend less time creeping on other people’s social media, learning their lives, and more time engaging on your own. Pick a skill that you desire to grow in and find ways to learn how to do it. Whether its calligraphy, baking or even playing an instrument, learn and become a beast at it. Be a better version of you than you were in 2016.
4. Don't share every moment on Social Media
It is human nature (well it is if you are in Gen Y) to document a moment and automatically add it to social media. It is also human nature to not share everything on social media. While you are editing that picture or video, you are robbing yourself of fully enjoying the intimate moment and now allowing others to partake in it, at the expense of their own judgment and opinions.
5. Honor people more
The culture of honor should be as relevant in a community as the culture of love. As we do life with people, we should make them feel valued as members of the Body. Affirm and exhort each other, and don’t forsake the gathering of the brethren.
6. Invest in yourself spiritually
We spend a lot of money on perfecting and maintaining our outward looks, but how much do we invest in our spiritual lives? Read a book that would challenge you in your walk. Start a devotion that relates to the season you are in. Attend a conference that refreshes and enlightens you. Remember it’s your soul, not your body that makes it to heaven.

7. Study a book in the Bible
As in, study a book you wouldn’t normally read. So Zephaniah, Haggai, and Zechariah should get the same love you would show John, Acts, and Romans. #AllBooksMatter
8. Spend more time with your family
Major key. We are at that awkward stage in life where our family is starting to become a big priority for us. Imagine telling your rebellious teenager self that. Create time to be with family, where everyone is able to relax and enjoy the presence of each other. Because later down the line, we will start to create our own families.   
9. Visit another church
Not become a member at another church. Big difference. Be open to attending another church’s worship night or their night vigil. Fellowship with other members of the body. Experience their culture.
10. Include others in your moves
FOMO is the #1 causes of loneliness, depression, and anxieties in Gen Y. Okay, I’m lying, but it’s close on the list. Whenever you are headed out with your usual clique, invite someone that would be blessed by the fellowship.
11. Carry cash
Bank of America doesn’t own all the silver and gold. God does. I’m sure He wants us to be better stewards of our finances. Stop with the flick of the wrist, and use cash. Less tempting to spend.
12. Have something to save towards
Many people want to save, but they have nothing to save towards. Set a goal and that will motivate you to save effectively.
13. Actively work towards a goal
We set many goals for 2017, but how many have we made a plan to achieve? Do yourself a favor and add an action plan to take to help reach your goal.
14. Take a break from Social Media
Delete the app. Log out of it on Safari. And take slow deep breaths as you feel you hand begin to experience the “shakes.” It’s okay, you will live like the rest of the world.
15. Redecorate your room
Get new sheets. Add pictures to the wall. Get a bookshelf to hold your invisible books. Rearrange your furniture. Whatever you are in the mood for, do it to shake up the old vibe your room gave in 2016. A new look can help you think clearly and wake up your brain.
16. Find new ways to fellowship with others
I’m all for eating my friend’s parent’s food while watching the Flash, but not every time. I can do the same at home. This year, aim to kick it in different settings.

17. Serve in another ministry
If you are in the dance ministry, you should be faithful there. Don’t neglect what God has entrusted you with. However, reach out to another ministry you have an interest in and see if you can serve and assist there for a day where they may need more help. I’m sure they would appreciate it and you get to develop your ministry skills.