Modesty Unfolded: Sarah A.

What is Modesty to you?

I believe modesty starts from within, in my heart, and from there it is reflected in the way that I dress, my character, and other areas of my life. For the longest time I believed I was modest because I covered up and wore knee length skirts, but in my heart, I still desired to receive ungodly attention from guys and envy from girls. I appeared modest on the outside, but on the inside, it was a completely different story. Thank God for deliverance. Now I understand modesty to be an inward working. ‘As a man thinks in his heart, so is he,’ right? So modesty doesn’t start when I’m shopping or picking out an outfit, it starts in my heart, and in turn, what is in my heart is reflected in the clothes I decide to wear.

Also, modestly does not mean boring or ugly. There is beauty in being able to express yourself through what you wear without having to unnecessarily expose yourself.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as simple, urban, chic, and comfy! I love being able to show my personality through my outfits, whether it be with a pop of color, print, or a statement piece.

How has your style changed once you started pursuing Christ?

My style has changed quite a bit since I started pursuing Christ and overall maturing as a woman of God. Before I gave my life to Christ, I didn’t have a set standard to look to so I found  myself wearing all manner of things ranging from too short, to too tight, to just not right. After giving my life to Christ, the Holy Spirit really helped me with dressing in a way that aligns with my fashion sense but is also pleasing to God.

What are some things you take into consideration when shopping for clothes and getting dressed?

When shopping and getting dressed, I always go by the phrase “when in doubt, throw it out.” This goes for whether an outfit is appropriate, whether it’s worth the price, or whether I truly need it. I also like hitting up my friends for a second opinion. My best friend, Abby, and I always FaceTime each other when we can’t decide on an outfit. Like what do you think about this? Is this shirt too much? Pants or skirt? Heels or no heels? It always helps!

I also simply ask the Holy Spirit. Huh? Yeah! He is our helper and loves when we ask for help. On numerous occasions, the Holy Spirit has highlighted specific outfits or pieces for me to wear, and I always feel the best when wearing them because they are essentially hand-picked by heaven ;)

Where do you typically go shopping?

I like to shop at a variety of stores. Like most women, I enjoy shopping at Forever21, H&M, Asos, and Zara (when my bank account is willing), but I also love shopping at other retailers like Ross, Marshall’s, TJ Max, Plato’s Closet and THE THRIFT STORE. The thrift store is a major key y’all, not only because it is extremely affordable, but also because you get one-of-a-kind pieces and rare finds.

What is your typical Sarah outfit?

Hmmm… A typical Sarah outfit. Well, for everyday school, hanging out with friends, etc I’m usually wearing fitted jeans or slim fitting pants paired with some sort of button down or loose fitting shirt. I loooove button down shirts so you’ll probably catch me wearing one 9 times out of 10. Accessory wise, I typically keep it basic with a watch, studs, and a necklace. When it comes to special occasions, like birthday dinners and formal celebrations, my outfits are usually spontaneously put together, so every time is honestly something different.

What fashion statements are you fond of?

Hmmm, I’m fond of a lot, but I love all black/all white outfits, everything olive green, plaid/polka dot print, loafers, and pointed shoes!

purity of motive doesn’t cancel the effect of your appearance.


What is one fashion tip you would like to share with young adult women?

A tip I’m always giving is “purity of motive doesn’t cancel the effect of your appearance.” This quote stung a bit the first time I heard it, but it’s the truth man. In today’s society, the common idea is for responsibility to solely be placed on men and not women. i.e women should be free to do as they please, if a man stumbles it’s his fault, etc. But as women, I believe there is responsibility on our part as well. I don’t feel comfortable calling someone my brother in Christ knowing that what I’m wearing is causing him to stumble. Also as a worship leader, I never want to be in a place where my outfit is the center of attention when people should be engaging in worship.


Photos taken by Toyin Akinwande