#BecomingHer Intro

When you were growing up, did you ever think about what it would be like to grow up? All the things you would experience? All the things you would accomplish? All the people you would encounter? What about being brought back to your true Father and experiencing a love that would never fail you?


When I was a girl, I never really thought about that, or about the idea of womanhood. I just knew I would grow up, but I never really knew what that would entail. Now that I’ve grown up and have been renewed in Christ, my biggest thought has been, “How I am growing in the woman that God has called me to be?


This series, #BecomingHer, is more than just talking about the “ideals” of womanhood. It’s about shifting through our life experiences and learning from them as we become “her.” Her is not a standard made up by the world, or even Christian culture. Her is defined as whoever God has called you and purposed you to be, and thankfully that looks different for each of us.


We are all destined to walk in different paths, but each path includes walking in power, wholeness, grace, and a full understanding of His love for us. As His daughters, His greatest desire is that we would understand our identity in Him, and from that flourish into our purpose as daughters of the Kingdom.


As we launched this series, our desire was that we would just simply give you a glimpse into the lives of women who are in the process of #BecomingHer. As you walk with us on this journey, we want to hear your stories about how God is moving you into the talents, successes, purposes, and identity that He’s called you to.

Recognize your journey, and know that in this time, you are #BecomingHer.