Fight For Your Purity

I had the privileged of finally attending the International House of Prayer-Kansas City (IHOP-KC)'s Onething Conference. I honestly couldn't summarize my experience there. It's one of those things you have to be there to fully understand.

For one of the sessions, Allen Hood was scheduled to teach, but before he started he had his 17 year old son come up on stage. His son started pouring his heart out about how he wants to see the youth at his high school transformed.

You know how believers get once they start talking: the Spirit takes over or they have a case of holy verbal diarrhea; went from 0 to 100, real quick! Before we knew it, 'Lil Hood' was talking about saving the goods: he was waiting for his wife! In today’s society, it is remarkable, that at a young age, he was thinking about purity and respecting the covenant of marriage.

To our surprise, he was even being intentional about it. The Hood men practiced something they called the “purity calendar”. Each day they strived to be pure and crossed out those days on a calendar. Allen Hood challenged us to also do the same.


In this day and age, you have to literally fight for your purity. You don’t have to go far to access sexual impurities: It’s literally in your hand; you can just pick up your phone and see that Tumblr, Vine, Facebook and Instagram offer soft porn with a simple click.

A few months ago, I was on the “explore” page of Instagram. I came across a barely clothed woman and I stared at this picture. Within seconds, seeds of insecurities were being planted as my eyes were defiling her exposed body. The Holy Spirit whispered back, “This is new age pornography”. Within seconds, I deleted the app off my phone.

Even what you do to yourself can hurt other’s purity as well as our own. Things we wear and even how we carry ourselves can hinder those around us. Our dressing can be a manifestation of the fruits of our purity. Don’t be a device for sexual immorality and lust.  

You have to be intentional about purity. You cant just say it, but you have to strive to be pure, each and everyday.

“If your IG causes you to stumble,

delete it.”

“If her dress arouse you, look away!!!

Better yet, send a sister to talk to her.”

“If the show *cough* Scandal *cough* makes you horny and you start craving sex, turn off the t.v.”


If filth appears on your timeline, newsfeed, and/or dashboard, it’s okay to unfollow the person. Lest you hold their opinion of you to a higher degree than keeping yourself holy.

It is better for you to lose some of your social media and entertainment and to protect your eyes than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.

Will you accept the challenge and fight with me?